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The word “sustainability” has been popularized to such an extent that its meaning has gotten lost for many of us. No matter what terminology is chosen to describe it, we do know that our future depends on the lifestyle choices that we make today. The ERC’s Choices for Sustainable Living discussion group will be based on a guide written by the well-respected Northwest Earth Institute in Portland. The topics included are ecological principles, food, community, consumption and the economy, and the readings were recently updated to include transportation. Over the seven sessions, Choices for Sustainable Living helps participants explore the meaning and vision of sustainability from individual, societal and global perspectives. During the discussions, the group will:

• Explore the meaning of sustainability
• Consider the ties between lifestyle choices and their impact on Earth
• Learn about steps that can be taken to move toward ecologically sustainable organizations, lifestyles, and communities.

The only fee to participate is for the cost of the guide, which can be purchased

through the ERC for $25, if reserved by January 9th. Group size is limited; please register in advance at 208-726-4333. The weekly meetings will be held at The Sustainability Center, in the old Forest Service Buildings on River Street in Hailey, beginning Wednesday, January 16, 2013, from 6:30- 8:00pm, through February 27.

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