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[noun] -- a ring or band of rubber, either solid or hollow and inflated, or of metal, placed over the rim of a wheel to provide traction, resistance to wear, or other desirable properties.

[recycl-onym] -- tires can be ground up and turned into parking bumpers, traffic safety cones, soft playground fill and cushy running track tops.

Tires off all sorts are recycled for a fee ($2 per car tire & $10 per truck tire)
Recycling up to 4 tires is FREE on the first Saturdays of both May and October
Hard "implement" tires like lawn mower wheels are not accepted


There is no curbside service for tires.

Drop Offs

You can take this material to recycle at drop offs in:

Did you know...

  • Locally we recycle over 263 tons of newspapers each year, saving over 1.6 million pounds of carbon pollution, over 3,100 trees and over 1.1 million kilowatt hours of electricity.
  • On average, recycling your newspapers generates nearly $18,000 in revenues each year.
  • Your recycling participation contributes to our average 16% recycling rate and helps boost our total recycling revenues to over $126,440 on average.
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