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Here's a quick list of things we need.  Some are items you may have extras of that you would like to see reused and some are intangibles.  Maybe your group is looking for a fund-raising project?

All listed below would make it easier for us to do our work in sustainability and environmental education.  Please call us at 726-4333 for details about any of these items, or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  We appreciate your help!

  • Video camera, like a Flip video, for example (so we record all the great moments we have out in the field with community members)
  • Foam camp pads (the marshmellow-y ones) that we can cut up to make sitting pads for winter field trips
  • Projector (so we can make compelling presentations and collaborate better together)
  • Gift certificates to local grocers to purchase snacks for Science After School! programs and camp counselor training sessions (because kids get hungry and when they do they don't learn as well)
  • Desktops or laptops for our office staff (because to stay productive we need to better computers, ideally with at least a dual core processor)
  • Flat screen monitors (so we can get our desks clear of clutter)
  • Housing for our summer camp counselors (guest house, empty apartment, house sitting??)

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