Upcoming Events

Wed Sep 03 @ 6:00PM - 08:00PM
Wilderness Birthday Bash!
Mon Sep 08 @ 5:30PM - 07:00PM
Bird Walk with Poo Wright Pulliam and Friends
Mon Sep 22 @ 5:30PM - 07:00PM
Bird Walk with Poo Wright Pulliam and Friends
Mon Oct 06 @ 5:30PM - 07:00PM
Bird Walk with Poo Wright Pulliam and Friends
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The ERC processes online payments through Paypal.  No Paypal account is required; just use your credit card as you would make any other secure purchase online.  If you have any concerns about the process, please give us a call at 726-4333.

Membership is one of the best ways to support the ERC, whether you are a business, individual, or family. While you are joining/renewing your membership, please also consider adding some direct support for one of our worthy program efforts to your shopping cart.

Clicking on these buttons will take you to Paypal, our safe and secure credit card processing site, where you can renew your membership or donate using your credit card, debit card, or through your Paypal account. If you prefer, you are always welcome to call 726-4333 and ERC staff will process the charge for you.

Please mail checks to ERC at PO Box 819, Ketchum ID 83340 or stop by and see us at 471 Washington Ave N in Ketchum. If you would like more information about the ERC or about Paypal, please call us at 726-4333.  Gifting appreciated stock is also a terrific way for you to support the ERC. Click for detailsHere are some other innovative ways to donate to ERC.

Membership in the ERC

ERC  Memberships

New or Renewing

ERC memberships support inescapable expenses such as office rent and utilities and pay a portion of staff salaries.  This general support is absolutely essential to our existence, and to the difference we are making, together.

ERC offers members discounts on events and our monthly email update local dirt plus early notice of workshops and breaking news.


More about the ERC

Click this button to make a contribution by credit or debit card, or Paypal account.

Please donate to our Twenty for Twenty campaign in honor of ERC's Twentieth Anniversary this year! 1993-2013


Select your membership level

Click below if you would prefer to set up a recurring membership payment, budgeted monthly, quarterly or yearly, through  Paypal, our safe and secure online credit card processor.

Donate to ERC's Programs

Yearend Gift Appeal

There is one piece of the ERC's program picture that only you can supply, your contribution to the ERC general operating fund. Grants alone aren't sufficient to maintain our ambitious program set. We need your help!
Contribute general support to ERC's programs


Select a level for your yearend contribution

Click below if you would prefer to set up an automatic monthly, quarterly, or yearly contribution to the ERC, or make a memorial  contribution, through Paypal, our safe and secure online credit card processor.

Pick Up For the Planet (PUP)

If you love dogs, please support the ERC's successful dog waste collection program, now in its 11th year. Keeping your best doggie friends and your favorite clean trailheads in mind, please give generously.
More about the Canine Clean Sweep program
Select a level for your donation

EcoCamp Scholarships

Almost half the children attending our popular EcoCamps last summer required scholarship support to participate, regardless of the fact that camper fees are less than it costs ERC to run the camps. If you are able to assist another family during these difficult times, please donate, and help connect one more child to nature!
More about ERC camps
Select a level for your EcoCamp Scholarships donation

CleanSweep and RISE

We need your help to continue this successful effort, keeping the "throwaway" containers from all the beer, wine, and soda consumed at public events like concerts and parades out of the waste stream.  This program also includes the Valleywide cleanup effort spear-headed by the ERC, known as Clean Sweep.
More about Recycling at Special Events
Select a level for your Clean Sweep and RISE donation

Wild Connections

Through ERC education programs, whether in the classroom or for the public, we seek to awaken an essential connection to nature.  If individuals are infused with a passion for place, we believe they are more likely to protect and promote our precious resources.
More about Wild Connections programs
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