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The ERC was founded in 1993
by a group of dedicated volunteer
environmentalists.  Kingsley
Murphy, currently the ERC's
Board Chair, in front of our first
home on Leadville Avenue in Ketchum.

CleanSweep,  a valley wide
effort organized by ERCwhen hundreds of volunteers collect tons of garbage, started this year.

ERC began working to combat dog waste on trails.

ERC's birding, beaver
and other nature walks have been popular since the very start.

Recycling Initiative at Special Events (RISE) was created to divert recyclables from the waste stream!

Nature and sustainability programs are essential parts of our mission.

"Worms are cool, mom!"

Showing off a prize Painted Lady at a Bug and Butterfly Walk

EcoCamp was (and is) the valley's first and only overnight nature and ecology camp.
EEOP (or Environmental Education Outreach Program) is ERC's ongoing eight week program for all 2nd and 3rd graders in Blaine County.

Ketchum Grill was one of the first businesses signing up for CEEL (Circle of Environmental excellence and Leadership) to foster sustainable practices.

Our new digs at 471 N Washington Avenue in Ketchum.

ERC built Wild Connections: the James Widener Ray Traveling Nature Center to bring environmental programs directly to children.
ERC's quest to ensure all valley children have access to knowledge about this amazing place we live has led to new partnerships with the Hunger Coalition, Sun Valley Adaptive Sports, public schools, preschools and others.
Growing out of the new Idaho Master Naturalist chapter formed here in 2009, ERC worked with the entire faculty and student body of Sage School for a ground-breaking Master Naturalist program.

ERC hosted an Energy Summit for the entire Wood River Valley, bringing together government, finance, business, nonprofit, and education sectors, and   created an action plan. Nature programs continue to be very popular in our valley.

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