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[noun] -- an electronic device designed to accept data, perform prescribed mathematical and logical operations at high speed, and display the results of these operations.

[recycl-onym] -- precious metals such as gold, silver and lead can be recovered safely at approved facilities.  Some items can be refurbished and resold.

Computer towers (CPU), monitors, laptop computers, power supply computer printers, fax machines, scanners,photocopiers, DVD players, audio systems.

Microwaves, televisions,  or other small electronics are not recycled locally. Read below for other choices.  

DVD/CD disks are not recycled locally but can be here .
All telephone batteries are recycled here

These can be recycled here instead >>  Compact fluorescent bulbs;  VCRs and Stereos, TV's, DVD players, home and car audio, cables, small electrics, fans and vacuums


For a fee, your curbside service provider might be willing to recycle some of these wastes such as computers

Drop Offs

If you have a working computer or laptop that only a few years old and would like to donate this to the ERC, we could use your help in keeping our technology "up-to-date" and your technology out of our landfill.  Simply give us a call (208.726.4333 or email us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and we'll let you know if we can put your old machine to work for the community.

You can take this material to recycle at drop offs in:

Printer Ink and Toner Cartridges

These are accepted for recycling by Jane's Artifacts in Hailey, Copy & Print in Hailey, and Business As Usual in Ketchum.

Recycling DVD/CD Discs

The CD Recycling Center of America will take your properly packaged CD and DVD discs and jewel cases.  While this is a FREE service, they do ask for a small contribution and you'll have to pay for shipping.  Here are all the details.

Best Buy services

Best Buy in Twin Falls (and Boise) is offering new recycling services that fill in some gaps we experience with our local recycling services.  It doesn't matter where you bought the items and no purchase is required.  Here is a list of items you can take to their store for recycling  (most are free; any charges are noted):

Best Buy will take tube TV's up to 32" and flat screens up to 60".

DVD Players, home and car audio systems, computer cables, peripherals, small electrics, fans and vacuum cleaners: all recycled for free at Best Buy.  Best Buy in Boise also has a trade-in program where you can exchange many small electronic items for gift cards. 

Computers are, of course, accepted for recycling at Ohio Gulch, but if cleaning the hard drive concerns you, Best Buy has a Geek Squad video you can watch online on how to remove it.

Other recycling possibilities

PC Recyclers out of Boise takes all computer, audio equipment, including power cables, and microwaves. They only want to pick up large amounts, so if you have these items, bring them to us at the ERC and we will call them when we have a pile. For a large collection, call 208-658-1100.

Did you know...

  • Locally we recycle over 263 tons of newspapers each year, saving over 1.6 million pounds of carbon pollution, over 3,100 trees and over 1.1 million kilowatt hours of electricity.
  • On average, recycling your newspapers generates nearly $18,000 in revenues each year.
  • Your recycling participation contributes to our average 16% recycling rate and helps boost our total recycling revenues to over $126,440 on average.
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