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[noun] -- waste materials generated during building construction or demolition projects.

[recycl-onym] -- a growing number of contractors in the valley already recycle or repurpose their construction waste. Your clients and future generations will thank you for diverting as much as possible from the landfill.


For composting: branches (<18" in diameter & 8 ft in length), grass clippings, leaves, wooden pallets, clean scrap wood

For inert fill: wood, concrete, glass, asphalt, dirt, rocks

For recycling: plastic HDPE and PPE #1-7, glass bottles, cans, mixed paper, cardboard, magazines, newspapers. (Appliances can also be recycled for their metals, but not curbside)

For proper disposal: hazardous materials and paints

For reuse: The Building Thrift Store takes almost any salvageable construction related item. Also try burning non-treated wood scrap in  wood stove or fireplace for heat.



Goes to the dump: Food waste, noxious weeds (securely in plastic bag)


Curbside service for construction materials requires a dumpster. Call Clear Creek Disposal 726.9600 for information on rates for inert fill and wood only dumpsters.  The recyclable category (above) can be collected curbside if the homeowner subscribes, or these materials can be dropped off for free at Ohio Gulch.  The Building Material Thrift Store (BMTS) will pick up, free of charge, almost anything in reusable condition if it is construction related.  Call them at 788.0014; this is a tax deductible donation.  BMTS also offers deconstruction services to salvage reusable materials for resale.

Drop Offs

Materials to recycle, for inert fill, or for composting:  drop off location

Materials that can be sold for reuse: drop off location

Below is the Hailey Community Climate Challenge Construction Waste Diversion pamphlet.  This informative brochure offers tips for a successful program, as well as financial and ethical reasons to divert building site waste products from the landfill. Although the fees quoted apply specifically to Hailey, most of the information applies to the entire valley.

Did you know these facts from Hailey Community Climate Challenge?

  • On a recent Blaine County home deconstruction project, more than 19 tons of materials were salvaged by the Building Material Thrift Store-18% of the total amount of demolition material in weight..
  • Landfill capacity is reaching its limit locally, which makes it critical to divert construction wastes from the garbage.
  • Compared to the tipping fee per ton for construction waste at our landfill, the tactics listed above (to recycle and repurpose waste) should save money (and definitely will do so on Hailey projects; see their brochure).
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