Upcoming Events

Wed Sep 03 @ 6:00PM - 08:00PM
Wilderness Birthday Bash!
Mon Sep 08 @ 5:30PM - 07:00PM
Bird Walk with Poo Wright Pulliam and Friends
Mon Sep 22 @ 5:30PM - 07:00PM
Bird Walk with Poo Wright Pulliam and Friends
Mon Oct 06 @ 5:30PM - 07:00PM
Bird Walk with Poo Wright Pulliam and Friends
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Wild Connections
brings you SnowSchool - the powder is good for more than just skiing!  Winter in Sun Valley provides a learning opportunity that can't be matched.  Whether you are an individual, school group, or other organization, we have - or can create - the perfect experience for you.  Contact Programs Coordinator, Cynthia Carr, to start your plans today.

Winter Ecology
What's the difference between hibernation and torpor?  Which animals use these strategies?  How do conifers keep from freezing?  What other adaptations do animals and plants use to survive our winters?


Animal Tracking
Snow provides a blank page for recording the movement of animals throughout the winter - can you read the story?  Our programs will make you fluent in the characters of the stories and the ways in which their tales unfold...

Snow Science
How does snow form in the clouds?  Does it change as it falls to Earth?  What happens once it is on the ground, and how does that affect variables such as slope stability, animal movement under the snow, and available water?

Energy Transfer and Phase Change of Matter
Did you know water can change directly from a solid to a gas, and it happens all the time in a snowpack?  How do physics and chemistry help a tiny chickadee survive sub-zero temperatures?  Are we as adept?

Build a quinzhee, race on snowshoes, try a teambuilding activity on cross-country skis, slide like a river otter, try to navigate waist-deep snow like a moose...

How We Do It
At the ERC, we believe that guiding individuals in making their own discoveries is key to successful programs.  We draw on personal observations, games and activities, art, and scientific inquiry and research to answer these questions, and more.  We are successful when participants leave empowered to ask - and answer - their own, new questions.

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