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Bird Walk with Poo Wright Pulliam and Friends
Regional Energy Planning

We are leading the region towards a "green" energy future. Learn how a focus on renewable energy solutions and energy efficiencies will mean more "green" for the community – in terms of individual savings, government savings, and new jobs!

Wood River Valley Regional Energy Action Plan PDF Print E-mail

January 2012

On April 27-28, 2011, the Environmental Resource Center convened an Energy Summit facilitated by Climate Solutions' New Energy Cities team, gathering the community eladers of the Wood River Valley Region of Idaho. Here is a downloadable copy of the Action Plan that resulted from this process.

Ketchum Comprehensive Plan PDF Print E-mail

The City of Ketchum Comprehensive Plan project has been moving along with three major citizen outreach completed.  Here is a video prepared by the City of Ketchum about the planning process.  This is your chance to make your dedication to our natural environment known to the City of Ketchum as they plan our future.

ERC Energy Summit Generates Local Momentum PDF Print E-mail

Last Wednesday and Thursday, April 27th and 28th, the Environmental Resource Center hosted an Energy Summit for the Wood River Valley region.  The event, entitled “Seizing Our Strategic Opportunity for Economic Development,” brought together leaders from across the region, including elected officials, city staff members, nonprofit representatives, university faculty, and business people from a variety of institutions, including utilities, clean energy businesses, builders, bankers and more.  The summit was facilitated by New Energy Cities, a nonprofit program assisting communities in the Pacific Northwest to drive investment and economic development toward clean energy.

One of the summit goals was education.  “In order for our valley to make the best decisions around a sustainable energy future, one that will inherently, through cost savings and business opportunities, strengthen our local economies, we needed to get everyone on a level playing field.

Energy Summit Outcomes Update PDF Print E-mail

In the weeks since the Summit took place, the ERC has been working to ensure that all of the good work that was started at the Summit carries through in a coordinated way.

Right now, we are working on two key pieces. First, we are continuing our work with the New Energy Cities team to create the governing board that will ultimately be responsible for the successful execution of the Action Plan. NEC will facilitate a small task force of well-respected, experienced citizens in the Valley that will define the form and function of this governing board. This work will begin next week, and is slated for completion in the next eight weeks. Second>


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