Science After School

Science After School is a free, 6-week-long, hands-on, outdoor science program open to 4th and 5th grade students at local elementary schools.  Each week from 2:30-4pm, students engage in hands-on projects that explore various topics within the context of natural science, environmental science and sustainability issues. Students learn how to apply the scientific method to answer real world questions through research, exploration, collaboration, games, journaling, and service learning.

In this program, students not only expand their scientific and environmental knowledge, they also achieve personal growth through increased confidence. They learn how to work independently as well as effectively in a team setting. Each year, we conduct sessions at Hemingway, Hailey, Alturas and Bellevue Elementary, and at Wood River Middle School.

Fall sessions this year include:

Hemingway STEAM School
Tuesdays, October 10 – November 14, 2017

Bellevue Elementary School
Thursdays, October 12 – November 16, 2017

Winter sessions this year include:

Alturas Elementary School
Tuesdays, January 16-February 20, 2018

Spring session this year includes:

Hailey Elementary School to be announced in April 2018.

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