Residential Outdoor Environmental School (ROES) Camp

In 2017, the ERC began a partnership with the Blaine County School District’s Residential Outdoor Environmental School (ROES) overnight camp. Students stay for two school days with one overnight in cabins. Through hands-on investigations, students learn about native plant and animal populations, hydrology, how they fit into the natural environment, and what they can do to ensure its protection for future generations.

ROES started in 1973 has become a tradition in the Wood River Valley. It reaches every 6th grade student attending the Wood River Middle School, approximately 250 students each year. While the school district offers many educational opportunities for students, ROES camp is the flagship program for middle school environmental education and is the only one that reaches nearly every student.

In 2017, the school district drastically cut the camp’s budget. To help make up the difference and ensure ROES camp’s continuation, the ERC provided $8,000 in funding. In addition to making camp financially feasible, the ERC plays a vital role in updating and creating curriculum for camp and implementing camp activities.

The ERC is honored to continue financially and programmatically supporting ROES camp so it can be a reality for years to come.